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Mandatory Florida Labor Law Posters

All Florida businesses with at least one employee are required to display certain notices advising employees of their rights in the workplace. These mandatory federal and state labor law posters must appear in conspicuous places accessible to all employees, such as break or lunch rooms. Labor laws change frequently, and it is the employer's responsibility to make sure posters are up-to-date.

What Labor Law Posters are required for my business in Florida?

Florida Department of Economic Opportunity requires Florida businesses to display Federal and State of Florida employment law posters where they can be easily viewed by employees.

An interesting fact about the Florida minimum wage is that the law states that the Florida Department of Economic Opportunity calculate a minimum wage every year. The increases in the Florida state minimum wage is based on the federal Consumer Price Index (CPI) for Urban Wage Earners and Clerical Workers in the South Region. Urban Wage Earners and Clerical Workers in the South Region.

Aside for the Florida required postings, federal posters should also be displayed. These are available from the Department of Labor website. The DEO recommends at least displaying the following laws:

Uniformed Services Employment and Reemployment Right Act (USERRA) Poster
Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) Poster
Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) Minimum Wage Poster
Equal Employment Opportunity Is The Law Poster
Job Safety and Health: It’s the Law Poster

Where can I download free Florida Labor Law Posters?

There are limited sources where you can download required labor law posters free of charge. Two of them are federal and state agencies. However most of the states websites are not user friendly and confusing. All mandatory, industry related and recommended posters can be conveniently downloaded on this page. Downloaded labor law posters meet an employer’s legal obligation.

Should You Buy New Labor Law Posters Every Year?

The frequency of Labor Laws varies by state. Employers must change posters when the State, Federal or OSHA agencies make legislative or regulatory changes. We itemize each state’s requirements to simplify business owners’ selection process when purchasing.

Federal Labor Law Posters

Florida Labor Law Posters

Equal Opportunity Is The Law Poster Spanish
Equal Opportunity Is The Law Poster English
Workers' Compensation Poster
Florida Minimum Wage

The 2020 minimum wage in Florida is $8.56 per hour, effective 01/01 2020

Child Labor Laws
Minimum Wage Psoter 2017 Spanish
Discrimination Poster
Unemployment Insurance Poster

Potential Penalties for Failure to Comply

Costly fines are the penalty for failing to display the proper labor law posters. Each infraction carries its own penalty price tag. For example, on the Federal level, the maximum penalty for violating the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) posting requirement is $12,675. On the State level, failure to display the Cal/OSHA safety and health protection poster carries a $7,000 fine.

There are 5 Florida required workplace posters.